Service & Gatherings

Sunday Worship Services

Other Gatherings & Fellowships

English Services

  • Every Sunday: 09:30am

Youth Services

  • Every Sunday:  Small Grp 9:30 – 11:30 am
    • Service 11:30 am (Students. Secondary to Tertiary Lvl)

Mandarin Services

  • Every Sunday: 10:30 AM

Sunday School

  • Every Sunday: 09:30 AM (for 0-36 months old (Infants & Toddlers), 4-6 years old (Cornerstone), and 7-12 years old (Primers))

Young Adults Fellowship

  • Weekly Meetings (For 19- to 30-years old)

Senior Adults Fellowship

  • Every Friday: 10:30 AM (via Zoom)

Community Bible Study International (CBSI)

  • Every Friday: 8:00 PM (CBSI Bible Study Group) (via zoom)

Disciple Groups


Everyone is welcome to join one or more of our Disciple Groups (Bible study groups or small groups). Meet and fellowship with fellow Christians to learn more about becoming better disciples of Christ.
WhoWhatWhenLed By
YouthsYoung Adult Bible StudySaturdays 3:00-5:00pmBro Yao Qi
Young AdultsYoung Adult Bible StudySundays 2:30-4:30pmBro Andrew Wah
Young AdultsYoung Adult Bible StudyThursdays 7:30-9:30pmBro Glenn Ong
Young AdultsYoung Adult Bible StudySaturdays 10:00-12:00pmBro Melvin Soon
Young AdultsYoung Adult Bible StudySaturdays 4:00-6:30pmBro Keith Tan
Senior AdultsSenior Adult Bible StudyFridays 1:00-3:00PMBro David Chen
AdultsSermon-Linked Bible Study (SLBS)Wednesday 12:00-2:00PMRev Daniel Ong
AdultsSermon-Linked Bible Study (SLBS)Thursdays 8:00-9:30PMBro Soo Guan
AdultsSermon-Linked Bible Study (SLBS)Saturday 7:30-9:30pmBro Chris Lee
AdultsSermon-Linked Bible Study (SLBS)Sundays 12:00-2:00PMBro Francis Chin
AdultsSermon-Linked Bible Study (SLBS)Sundays 12:00-2:00PMBro Soo Guan
AdultsSermon-Linked Bible Study (SLBS)Sundays 12:00-2:00PMEld Calvin Chan
AdultsHouse Helpers Bible StudySundays 11:30-01:30AMSis Chris Chua
MenCommunity Bible Study (CBSI)Friday 8:00-9:30PMEld John Ng
WomenCommunity Bible Study (CBSI)Friday 8:00-9:30PMSis Jessie Tan
WomenCommunity Bible Study (CBSI)Friday 8:00-9:30PMSis Jo Cheng
WomenCommunity Bible Study (CBSI)Friday 8:00-9:30PMEld Irene Ng

Notes about Services & Gatherings


Reducing Printing To Save The Environment

In order to reduce the usage of paper, we have planned to:

  • (a) reduce the copies of printed bulletin, and
  • (b) not to print out the lyrics of hymns.

If as a family, you only need one bulletin, please take only one. And if you need to see the hymn lyrics in print, please use the pew hymnals. All of our little efforts count towards caring more for the environment.

Mandatory Attendance Taking

Our nation is on high alert over the MERS outbreak. As a church, we need to play our part by making sure our weekly attendance data is accurate, so that follow-up can be done properly when needed.

Whether you are a member or a visitor, please help by making sure that your attendance is taken.