Mission: Field Attachment to Ton San Village, Chiang Mai – 3 to 11 Dec 2019

Partner the local church in their Outreach Ministry to the Karen tribe and the villagers around Ton San village through visitation to the lost, sick and needy. Be involved in their hospitality ministry and Christmas outreach. Extend care and fellowship to local Christians, Dormitory children and the Pastor’s family to encourage them in their faith, as well as to learn from them.

Estimated Cost: $700 – $750 (varies with air fare due to peak period)
Location: Ton San, Chiang Mai. Thailand
Suitable for: Primers (accompanied by parent/s), Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Seniors and Families
Registration is now open!!
Do pray about coming on board for this trip. For more details, please contact Sis Christina Chua @ 96497132.

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