CBSI (Community Bible Study International)

The Divided Kingdom and the Minor Prophets

Date: Fridays at 8pm (25 Feb to 4 Nov 2022)

1 & 2 Kings teach personal and institutional faithfulness to God. Interspersed among the stories of the kings are the messages communicated from God through the minor prophets: warnings of judgment, yet hope for a restoration of a godly kingdom. Despite Israel’s determination to rebel, the Lord’s faithfulness and love never ceases.

If you are interested to join this study series, you can contact Sis Jessie Tan @ 9621 4545, Eld David @ 9277 2332 or Ps Lay Nah @ 9754 9802.

 SLBS (Sermon Linked Bible Study)

Come and be part of a dynamic group of believers who meet weekly to learn about God and His Word and to grow together in fellowship. We are starting soon on the Gospel of Matthew so come and join us. We have groups meeting on Thursdays at 8pm, Sundays (sometime after the church service) and a couples’ group meeting on Saturdays at 7.30pm. To join us, please contact: Sis Mary Lam @ 9782 6304 or Ps Daniel Ong @9737 2535.

Young Adults

Following the church pulpit series, the Young Adults are studying the Gospel of Matthew this season. Contact Ps Yaoqi @ 8113 1908 for enquiries

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