KPC and HPC leadership and members continue to explore the possibility of integration. Many collaborative projects have been undertaken and are still happening between the 2 churches and feedback will be collected from the participants.

We are now going into an analytical stage where the two churches’ important information are being collected and processed to see if we can be complementary to one another:

  • Church membership profile
  • Church histories, cultures, and doctrines
  • Church structures and processes

As the above feedback and information are collated, we will share salient points with our members.

As members of KPC, we may further support the effort by

  • Praying for insights and wisdom for the leaders and members involved in Exploring Togetherness
  • Asking God to speak to all of us as we seek to know God’s will through reflecting on God’s word and prayer

Sharing your thoughts with our Exploring Togetherness Committee Members (Ps Kuo Yung, Dn Esther, Dn Samuel, Bro Eugene Goh)

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